What type of accommodation should you choose for your holiday?

Accommodation is a point not to be neglected when you go on holiday with your family, alone, with friends or as a couple. It is obvious that it often represents a large part of the budget. It is therefore essential to choose it well, not only to spend as little as possible, but also to ensure everyone’s comfort.


Are you looking for the perfect place for your stay in Strasbourg? Between a campsite, a hotel and a guesthouse, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to accommodation. Each type of accommodation has its advantages.


The advantages of a stay in a campsite


More and more families are choosing camping as their holiday accommodation. Both affordable and friendly, you will benefit from exceptional infrastructures and numerous animations and activities on the spot. It is also the ideal place to meet new people and share pleasant moments with other holidaymakers.


By choosing to stay at a campsite, you have the swimming pool, water park, sports grounds and others at your disposal. Theme evenings, sports activities and various workshops are also activities that you can share with family and friends.


Apart from the various activities, the choice of accommodation is also very wide. Between a pitch for tents and caravans, the rental of a mobile home or a chalet, there is something for all tastes and budgets. As far as comfort is concerned, it can be said that a campsite offers less than a luxury hotel, but that doesn’t mean that it’s too much trouble. In any case, a campsite is ideal for holidaymakers looking for a stay in the open air.


The advantages of a stay in a guest house


Among the accommodation alternatives for your holidays, you have the guest house. This type of accommodation is also very popular and has its advantages.


For your holidays in a guest house like Villa Cosy Strasbourg, you are sure to have an authentic and memorable stay. The charm of the place is unrivalled. Just like in a campsite, a stay in a guest house is very convivial. With the advantage of the comfort of a hotel and the affordable prices of a campsite, the rooms are generally spacious and suitable for both large and small families. A guesthouse has private and common areas inside and outside.


At Villa Cosy Strasbourg, we offer rooms, apartments and suites with Jacuzzi, balcony, terrace and a beautiful garden. The view is exceptional and the house is equipped for a pleasant stay. You also have at your disposal a free Wifi connection. Whether for your holidays, private events or a seminar, we welcome you with open arms in a cosy and charming mansion. To make your reservations or request information, do not hesitate to contact us at + 33 7 71 12 13 14.


The advantages of a stay in a hotel


If the campsite and guest house do not really correspond to the type of accommodation you are looking for, then a hotel is your solution. No cleaning to do, no need to cook, just enjoy your free time and activities on or near the site.


The standard offered by a hotel is certainly higher than in a campsite or a guest house, especially in terms of services and comfort. The service is also very professional. If you have the necessary budget for a luxurious stay, you will enjoy all the advantages of a stay in a hotel.


However, for large families, a hotel is not the best alternative, especially if you want to save on accommodation. Despite the availability of family suites, the bill can be very steep.


Choosing accommodation according to your needs


In order to choose the type of accommodation that suits you, several criteria must be taken into account.


First of all, you have the budget that you allocate per day or per person and the accommodation that you want. Then, you need to see how many rooms you need. What are the activities you are looking for, etc… Shops, places of interest, etc, nearby. Once you have established the different selection criteria, you can then search the different sites that offer accommodation that can meet your expectations.


Are you looking for a charming, spacious and comfortable guest house? Villa Cosy Strasbourg is your address. Contact us at + 33 7 71 12 13 14.