Choosing a guest house for your green seminars

Everywhere in France, it is now possible to organize a corporate event, especially seminars in the middle of nature. Are you planning to organize a seminar in the Alsace region and are you looking for an authentic location? Villa Cosy Strasbourg is a charming guesthouse that hosts professional events such as seminars in a beautiful and pleasant setting.

The green seminar: a trend that attracts many companies

There is no longer any doubt that in a company, well-being is one of the different themes for organizing a professional event. It is therefore in order to meet this need, that the organization of the green seminar has become an unavoidable trend. It is obvious that proximity to nature is a real source of inspiration and motivation for a company’s teams. What could be better than a guest house with a magnificent natural setting to allow employees, generally city dwellers, to recharge their batteries, increase creativity in productivity and gain in performance!

Thanks to places such as Villa Cosy Strasbourg, you can have a welcoming, convivial and charming green seminar venue to breathe new life into your human capital.

A seminar that is both economical and close to nature

For an eco-responsible company, the organization of a green seminar in a guest house is an excellent alternative, even a must, to get a concrete orientation! Although this is a trend in the world of entrepreneurship, it also includes the image of the company.

It is no longer necessary to remember how much the crisis impacts a company’s economy. Organizing a seminar in luxury infrastructures or a long stay on the other side of the world would therefore be inappropriate. Who says crisis, says budget cuts! It is therefore more judicious to opt for a short stay close to nature. To save money on your seminars, guest houses such as Villa Cosy Strasbourg can accommodate you for a weekend or a few hours if you wish to organize a seminar in Alsace.

Organizing a seminar in a guest house to combine work, relaxation and nature

Generally, companies choose hotels or seminar and conference rooms to organize a professional event. To change these different habits and give a different tone to your seminar, a guesthouse is a favourable option to reconcile work, relaxation and nature.

Indeed, guest houses, such as Villa Cosy Strasbourg, are establishments with an idyllic, cosy and convivial charm for work, relaxation and inspiration. These private mansions are sometimes equipped with a Spa to allow your staff and team to relax after your meetings.

There is nothing better than a natural and authentic setting to generate well-being and openness to your staff and team. Indeed, it allows you to approach the different points of your seminar in a different way via a good energy. It is also an effective method to reinforce the climate of confidence in the life of your company.

Villa Cosy Strasbourg: a charming guest house for an original seminar

Villa Cosy Strasbourg is a charming guest house located in the Alsace region of France, which can accommodate up to 20 people. For your seminars or professional events, our private mansion has:

You can organize an open-air seminar in a beautiful garden with a magnificent natural setting. You also have at your disposal a terrace where you can enjoy a view of the garden, the city and a site of interest. In order to stay connected during your corporate event, you also have access to a free Wifi connection.

Villa Cosy Strasbourg is not only the ideal place to stay during the holidays or for a weekend, it is the perfect charming house to organize a seminar in the middle of nature and original.

There are also many places of interest and tourist attractions within easy reach of Villa Cosy Strasbourg. Thus, between two meetings you can visit Alsace and discover the different places that make the region one of the most visited by tourists from all over the world.

Apart from an outstanding setting, our team offers you its expertise to meet your needs and make your seminar the best meeting between relaxation and work.