The secrets to a successful guesthouse

There is no shortage of charming guest houses in France and among them you have Villa Cosy Strasbourg. However, so that they become unavoidable, each manager has its secrets to make it evolve and increase its occupancy rate throughout the year. In this article, discover the essential tips to make your guest house pleasant and attractive to tourists.


1 – Target your clientele


Alsace is one of the most beautiful regions of France because of its rich heritage. This implies a great flow of tourists! Generally speaking, tourists visiting the area are also looking for a friendly, cosy and rather intimate place to stay. It is therefore obvious that a guesthouse is the ideal establishment to meet these needs. Contrary to luxury hotels, a guesthouse is the perfect setting to reconnect with nature and find a place to recharge one’s batteries.


At Villa Cosy Strasbourg, we welcome both foreign tourists and locals who wish to spend pleasant moments in Alsace and forget the daily routines.


Local tourism is a solution to avoid transport constraints and travel fatigue. Setting up a guest house near a transport station, shops and other facilities is therefore a very good alternative. What’s more, it’s an excellent way to attract customers easily and quickly.


2 – The charm of your guest house


What sets a guest house apart is of course its charm! The exterior is the first thing a guest sees, so it is essential that it is attractive and well-maintained to give your guests the opportunity to enter.


The Villa Cosy Strasbourg guest house is a soothing and cosy place with the charm of Alsatian homes. Rooms with decorations that are both simple and elegant, to which small touches of modernity are added, make Villa Cosy Strasbourg a true haven of peace for an unforgettable stay.


3 – Quality service


A quality service is also required to ensure that your guesthouse meets the expectations of its customers. The secret is none other than the small details in the rooms, the garden, the dining area or other rooms of the house.


It is important that every room in the house is presentable and well cleaned. Well-made beds, clean curtains, soaps in the bathrooms, flowers on the tables, etc… It is these different details that give the interior of a guesthouse its charm.


It is also essential to be able to advise your guests on places to visit, events not to be missed, but also to inform them about the traditions and customs of the region.


4 – A welcome according to the rules of the art


The welcome also reflects the spirit of your guest house. In order for your guests to feel comfortable and at ease, the conditions for a quality welcome must be in place. It is important that everyone who has stayed there can leave with positive opinions and feel satisfied.


Welcoming customers as soon as they arrive is a particular attention.


5 – Make the most of the difference of your guest house


Originality and authenticity are the first criteria that tourists look for when staying in a guesthouse. Don’t hesitate to highlight the details that make your establishment different. Why not offer a completely different way of life from what your guests see in everyday life?


Combining the tradition or customs of your region with modernity can also be a great idea to give a soul to your guest house.


6 – Integrating your guest house into your local environment


In order to achieve your goals, your guest house needs to be recognized. To do so, it is essential to integrate it into your territorial, social or heritage environment.


The first option is therefore local word-of-mouth. This is an effective method and a springboard for attracting customers and then retaining them. Don’t forget that the best way to make yourself known is good publicity!


That said, you can also register in the local guest house directory, for example. You can also take part in various activities offered by the region to make your guest house known.


You are passing through Alsace and you are looking for a cosy, charming and welcoming guest house? For a stay with family, friends, couples or colleagues, Villa Cosy Strasbourg is your address.